Sunday, 16 March 2014

What a week :)

Been a busy bee sorting out and rearranging my studio into a more workshop holding friendly space, I am currently writing up the workshops I want to teach then I will go mental and post them everywhere although I will only be able to have a max of four people at one time.  I am also working on a few commissions and doing some online tutorials (still) the biggest thing is trying to set up a nice photography area and work out how to film the to edit etc :S  oh well I love learning so that's no problem. 


 After... The room still needs a bit of a touch up but it is basically there :)

I have been working on a collection of F1 driver pictures done in Faber Castell polychromos and I also will start using my Caran D'Ache Luminance pencils too.

Journaling some great quotes and getting some good pages together in my notebooks.

A little F1 doodling on the train.

With my crafty side still firing on all cylinders I have scanned a few decorations that I have put together and you can use these collage pictures in your art :)


  1. I love your little craft space! It looks so cozy. My craft stuff is all over my room & any nooks and crannies I own in the rest of the house (a desk and a coffee table with drawers). I dream of having a small craft room.

    I love the little prize ribbons you made! They look perfect for scrapbooking or Smashing because they flat enough not to bulk up the page too much. And they're adorable!

    1. Oh at home my room is a total mess my studio is my happy place :)

      Thanks, watch this space for video tutorials etc where I will show how to make bits and pieces when I get it all set up !

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