Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wow is it March already... yep must be as it was my birthday this week and my last post was in January (rubbish I know but if I had more comments I would be more inclined to keep up :) but I know I have said this before I am writing up plans at the moment for weekly updates of my online stuff and this will be one of them) I am going to keep up more regularly even if it is with no pictures or links etc

Ok well I have done loads of stuff since my last post, I will post some of the better pics here but if you want to keep a really regular follow on my projects then follow me on instagram and twitter... I am ALWAYS on instagram :)

Well to start, I am in the process of redesigning all my business stuff from website to business cards etc and even opening a new website as the old one was so complicated to change, the platform was hard work and time consuming and didn't seem very up to date in construction so I have gone for a better one and although it won't have my own designed domain name just yet, the website will be 100 times better with nicer graphics and templates to use.  I am also opening two more shops so I will eventually have one on Etsy, Big Cartel and Society6.
As I said above if you wan to keep up with my regular updates then follow me on,

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These are some of my newly designed icons... like ?
I have also started to update my Etsy shop with some bird jewellery that i made last year but hadn't listed, they are all handmade and hand painted and more off's so get them while they are there because once it's gone it's gone :)
 SOOOOOO excited that the F1 season is back in less than a week...oh F1 how I have missed you !
This longing has prompted me to start a little collection of drawing each driver with my extensive collection of awesome pencils, there are two completed ones for Ferrari, Alonso and Raikkonen.. Vettel is 90% finished and I have Hamilton, Rosberg and the Ferrari F14T driven by Alonso on the go too, with any luck they will get done this week.


 Later this year I am hoping to hold a little exhibition of works in my studio space, all based on Birds, there will be all kinds of media used, from large canvases to ink illustrations to 3D works and jewellery, there will be items for sale but everything will be birds :)

New for 2014 is my range of hand made and hand picked craft kits.  Some are in the shop now and some have gone, although at this very moment I have six more sitting on my desk that need to be listed.  I have hand made all the crochet pieces, pom poms, bows etc

There are also a few decorated notebooks available in the shop too... I am going to add more but ones that I have bound myself and as part of kits too, I am writing up workshops at the moment for online and my studio and one or two will be book binding based.

This is an example of one of my craft kits, the kit includes the bracelet and decorations, all you have to do is assemble it in whatever configuration you like, I have tried to make the nicest colour combinations and all the kits will be available for one week only at £5 plus p&p, see my instagram or facebook for notification of when that will be ready.

Had a little fun making tiny crochet squares too.

Another work in progress is a box full of hand bound miniature books waiting for covers and to put put onto necklaces and other fastenings :)

Picture from another craft kit... my favourite, cherry blossom flowers

 This is one of my little icon illustrations for my new website and there are a couple available in my shop for £1 to download, one is for the F1 2014 season with lots of cool illustrations :)


  1. Your crocheted owls are adorable!
    And welcome back. I know what you mean about the comments. It's one of my resolutions this year to comment more and let other crafters/bloggers/flicker-friends know when I like something because it's so appreciated when I get a comment myself. The only one that comments on mine is my mom--I can't get my own twin sister to leave me one! :)

    1. Hey, brilliant thank you.. My eyes lit up when I saw one comment :D I too will endeavor to make more comments rather than just like stuff, so impersonal :)

      have a great day, oh and don't forget to follow me on the other sites mentioned especially instagram if you are on there because I am all the time !

      Oh and the bit about your sister made me laugh

      Juliet x

  2. Redesigning your website, business cards, updating your Etsy shop, and more – This will be a busy year for you. I hope you accomplish all of it on time, so you can plan your upcoming exhibit leisurely. Good luck!

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO

  3. With all the things you’re doing for your business, your absence in the blogging world is understandable. Redesigning your old website and business card must have consumed all of your time and attention! And I think you'll still be quite busy, after launching a new website and an exhibition of your works later this year. I hope you have someone to help you in managing all of these, so you don’t have to shoulder all of it at the same time. Good luck!

    Kathleen Davis @ Grays Digital Consulting