Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Shabby Chic

I have put this on flickr and it will soon be added to my Etsy shop it is a line of things I am making which will be along the shabby chic lines and a bit sort of fairytale influenced and Princessy..

Sunday, 27 April 2008

It's finally done !

This is the finished banner for the shop but because of cropping you only see the middle bit, was really hacked off about that !

I've done it, I created the banner and just a few moments ago I have added the first few things to the shop at ETSY ! I haven't finished yet I think I have about another 30 things or more to put on but it's midnight now and I can barely focus plus I'm stressing over trying to find another job but not just a job, a job in which I can use my art..anyway, it was quite daunting to start with because I had to figure out delivery prices for here and overseas, thank god for Royal mail on line.. oh yeah I've just seen that I owe the library almost a fiver in fines as I have the max amount of books out and misread the return date which was a week ago.. how bloody annoying is that ! Well you are all welcome to check out the shop, called Little Miss Crafty's Curiosity shop.. my member name is craftymissjuliet, sorry haven't got the energy to find the link address, I will post it tomorrow and on my flickr profile too... I will leave you with a couple of pictures and I am off to bed now.. night, night ! hang on I still had a tab up the address

This is another picture, it's off of my sketchbook actually and I was thinking of maybe making a few banners like the one on this page too and changing them every once in a while !

Monday, 21 April 2008

Etsy on the brain !

I have Etsy on the brain at the moment, I have so many things and I mean many things that I want to sell on Etsy but I haven't quite got it all how I want. I hate doing things half arsed, which means I sometimes take ages to get going... and this has been occupying a large part of my brain even to the extent that I am making a banner to photograph and use as the shop title and it's nearly done and I also had a bit of a change and went back to bag making and jewellery making this weekend, it was so much fun to spend time doing that again especially as I went to Liberty's London and managed to find the only place that sells Amy Butler fabric in England ! God, Liberty's is such a wonderful store right in the middle of London ( so posh that it has valet parking !) god knows where they park the cars is such a crowded busy place..

I was thinking of setting up another blog to note all the best crafty or arty etc... places in London that I have actually been to for example Ye Olde Curiosity Shop ( oldest shop in London ) which is behind a few back roads at work,The cloth house, one of the most vintage and beautiful old cloth shops in Berwick street London, VV Rouleaux a wonderful ribbon and trimmings shop old fashioned too.. etc etc all these places are a stones throw from me, the only places I haven't come across yet are junk shops. They tend to be collectors outlets so expensive antique shops, although I have heard of some proper junk shops in Greenwich ( will have to check that out ) actually I think I will do that, It would make some gorgeous pictures too especially as I would have to add Covent Garden too which I walk through everyday..

I also have plans to pop over to France every once in a while ( it's only an hour or so away-Euro tunnel or ferry or plane ! wicked ) and do the same there too.. I have a book on Parisian markets that got me started, just think of the finds and the pictures ! Ok I've rambled on enough, I'm off to make plans !

Friday, 18 April 2008

Fairytale Influence

Hello, I am so relaxed at the moment as I was off work yesterday and today spending the whole time making and crafting and painting and gluing and apart from the slight fumes due to the glue gun being on for pretty much the last 24 hours I have hit a creative high and am in a zone ! I have found a theme and range of crafts to create that I hope to put on this Etsy shop that I keep saying I am setting up.. I am really ! These are a few pictures of what I have spent the last two days locked away creating...

This is called "The Princess and the Pea" based on the fairytale. I had so much fun making it although I did have a lull for about one and a half hours whist deciding how to do the bed... but it is done now and I spent some time on the sewing machine making the duvets from different scraps of fabric and making the long headboard and painting it with crackle glaze, there is a lot of detail in this piece, including a beauty mark on the cheek of the bird, I will have to get a close up photo on flickr...

This is called the "Little white cupboard" it is approx an 8 x 10 inch box which I have turned into a shabby chic cupboard with crackle glaze, a small handle that I fashioned and inside

are vases of white shabby roses with pearls a vintage personal family photograph turned into an ATC which I put inside, the feet on the cupboard are large round crystal cut glass beads.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

It's Tea Time !

It is finally here the weekend of tea parties ! I am going to post any and all entries I get to the site from all my crafty friends ! For more info on this topic go to the link. My actual party is tomorrow but here are some photos of Tea party artworks and my cakes I have made in advance !

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun !

I am having so much fun making loads of things at the moment, I have found a style and subject to create from, unlike my normal procrastinating I have taken the Bull by the horns so to speak and gone for it.. and I have more in my head that's dying to spill out onto canvas ! As you may notice I am a bit obsessed with birds and this is quickly becoming a sort of trademark of mine ! It's just a shame that there are only 24 hours in a day, actually if I'm wishing for stuff I would wish that I could make lovely things all day instead of going to work in a job I don't want..and sell them in my own little crafty shop !

Also I would like to remind everyone of the 'Mad Crafters Tea Party' this weekend from 12th to the 14th of April... for more info on this go to