Sunday, 29 March 2009

Little bit of this, little bit of that !

I have had a decent weekend where I have sorted a lot of things out and worked on some new projects including making some tactile colourful fabric jewellery which I am going to put on Etsy, and I want to start selling on Ebay but it looks quite complicated I hope it wont be a nightmare, anyway here is a sneak peak of my bracelet.

Also don't forget about the giveaway below it ends on 31st and I announce winners on 1st April.
Just add a comment with which you would like..

And get involved in the Altered art Tea Party's 2nd year, click the link on my other blogs !

I have also added a new 'How to' on making this banner too :)

A few more pics of hat I have been up to.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

A few little things

Another little update, have just made two banners all by myself for my new shop and I changed it on my Etsy shop too. i have also just done two of my first proper scrapbook pages, I have never been a scrapper really because I never have any decent pictures to scrap with but I am going to make an effort as I want to start doing some submissions and hopefully win some design team spots here and there if I'm lucky...I want to keep a journal/art page style rather than just decorating a picture i want to involve the elements of the photo into a piece of art so more collage like, i.e the way Claudine Hellmuth does in her art ! but in my style :) I have so many ideas it is so frustrating, my head is like a tap that is stuck and can only drip the water out, it needs to be wrentched on ! I suppose I'll need the assistance of an attractive healthy fireman to do that for me :)

P.s don't forget about the giveaway, add a comment on the post below and say which you would like to be put in for..I will announce winners on the st April.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Giveaways !

This is my first giveaway and I didn't know what to give so it's not very amazing but they are a few bits to get me started so I have a little Easter rabbit called 'Pinky',

A fabric collage brooch from my Etsy site,

and one of little miss crafty's 'large' Atcs from a selection that I have started to make, it's basically twice the size of a normal one..

So to win one of these just add a comment naming the one you want and I will draw names from a hat to pick the winners of each, you can go for more than one if you wish, but you can only win one :) unless no one enters so you could win all 3.. I will pick winners on the 1st April...

And here is a pick of my favourite books bought recently....

Sunday, 15 March 2009

lots and lots and lots....

I have been really busy the past couple of weeks making lots of things and here they are, an Easter parade still to be finished. Three fabric journals, a large one and two 3inch square ones for inchies and small artworks, all with fabric pages. And a softie cat with a clown face.

I bought some really cute chinese style stamps which I have used here on some 'large ATC's' and am working on a fabric journal with one at the moment.

Later today maybe tomorrow morning I will be adding a blog giveaway so don't go away !.........

Saturday, 14 March 2009

wait for it .........

i am blogging tomorrow, lots and lots of stuff to photograph and show you as firstly I got a new computer as my old one went mental and then my internet went crazy too and i spent a week trying to fix the old one before buying one that didn't work and then replacing it with one that did on friday so now i am back and fully functional I will be up early tomorrow to show you what i have been up to, easter, flowers and fabric are involved's a sneak peek.......
the picture is a bit rubbish as its off photobooth as it will take more brain power to get the camera out and as it is 11pm i am too tired but here is my 3d collage fabric journal...
I will also be up dating the craftzine for the last project and adding a new project :)

P.s.. I am going to do a blog giveaway too !

Friday, 6 March 2009

It's my birthday today !!

It's my birthday today !!!! going roller disco in a minute but I will be back later to blog properly if I don't break my legs that is !!!xxxxxxxxxxxx
p.s i have so many things to show you pictures of that I have made :)