Saturday, 17 July 2010

Pretty charming....

Hey guys I thought I would just show you what I have been doing this weekend and I have just posted them on Etsy. I have made this selection of charm bracelets, I have shown just a few here but there are more on Etsy...a Parisian style 'viva la france' bracelet, 'Royal baby blue' charm bracelet and the top one is the first that I made on thursday night to wear to work on friday and I had such a response to this little thing that I decided to make more... I am going to add necklaces and earrings hopefully tomorrow if I can get them finished and I have loads of Tim Holtz stuff that I am going to use to make some really vintage looking ones !

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Working hard..

I am working hard on a project for a magazine Christmas issue but I did take a break from it to make a few cards , tags and atc's...the cards are now on Etsy and I will be making a few more if they sell but always as a one off, I don't really like mass produced things..... I am missing my little marine Tommy while he is away at the moment but am keeping myself busy with lots of work and while I am waiting for the World cup final to come on I thought I would add a little post :)

I am trying to keep my blog and etsy shop and flickr pages updated more regularly now after being awol a lot last year and a little bit at the beginning of this year, but I am trying...also I hope to be having a skype (video phonecall) with Misschell aka Chinamommy on tuesday, if she doesn't blow me out ;) ha ha
I have also bought the second edition of the wii fit game as I intend to get very fit and toned by christmas...I can do it !!!!

A big reason for making lots of cards and scrapbook stuff is to use up the craft stuff that i have accumulated and that is closing in on me like that scene in superman wen he gets crushed in that crusher ! well that's me but craft stuff !!!!!

Oh and I have listed my 5x7 inch artworks on Etsy too so go take a look !! Don't forget I have jewellery on there, my little house ornaments, hair accessories and charms !!!!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Todays pictures...

Ok here are pics of what I have been doing today, two new necklace and bracelet designs and two packs of loose handmade beads that I have listed on Etsy :)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

This is my 3rd post in about 3 days !! 'stuff I have bought'

I made an ATC tin today and a couple of ATC's with some new papers I have bought, thought I'd show you, I also bought a copy of Romeo and Juliet so I could use my name loads !!! :)

I cannot tell you how much stuff I have for my crafting...I hardly ever buy new clothes unless it's T-shirts and joggers so that I can get paint on them etc and not mind.... It is almost out of control and I cant really tidy up anymore because there is nowhere else for it all to go and i hardly have used any of it but it is comforting to know it's there if I want it..seriously tonnes of stamps and I hardly ever use stamping but they are so wicked that I keep telling myself that I will use them for this and that.... stacks of papers, some I either double up on if they are really nice or I try not to use to much of the nice ones in case I use it up and can't get any more..maybe I need a craftaholic's group to go to and confess my sins of buying too much stuff !!! in fact I may set up a blog for it ! I am going to show you pics of stuff that I have bought in the last few weeks, papers, glitters (still sealed and unopened but gorgeous and if I hadn't bought them I would still be thinking of them now !) stamps...unused, etc, there is so much more and an absolute tonne of Tim Holtz stuff that I really will use in some future shabby chic, vintage 'how to make' projects that will be available on Etsy.... I have ribbons and embellishments, chipboards and the list goes on.... I would take a picture of my room if I wasn't so ashamed of the untidyness of it..stuff is everywhere..anyway here's the pics of what I have bought recently....

Friday, 2 July 2010

Things I have done today !

I couldn't resist putting a picture of my lovely Reggie who loves to sleep on my shoes and he is so tired because it is so hot and he is so fluffy and his fur is so fine and thick ! :( I'm going to get him a little fan !

This is a quick post to show all you lovely people what I have been making today on yet another beautiful sunny and hot day off in little old England... I also cleaned my bike last week but I thought I would show you a little pic of it !
A house necklace that will be listed on Etsy later, a tag and ATC and the rest I will show you tomorrow,also I have decided to sell my beads in small packs and as one off sales every now and again instead of a regular stock because they are time consuming it just isn't practical but they will be assorted and in themes too...I will post them on here as well as listing them on Etsy and the first batch will go up this weekend so keep checking :)