Monday, 15 December 2008

Reverse restoration !

I am going back to vintage for a little bit as I have bought some wonderful little bits recently from charity shops for example this little handmade cupboard which was £3.95, what a steal ! and I call it reverse restoration as it was made to look shabby and worn and old..shabby chic..
Firstly I painted it cream, then a pale green and finally a turquoise which was then rubbed down with sand paper. A layer of crackle glaze and then rubbed with dark brown ink and a gold stamp pad then polished off with a cloth, then added brads on the handle fronts I haven't totally finished as I intend to paint vintage flowers on the top and door fronts.

I also found the wonderful things sitting on top if it at the famous Covent Garden market in London which I walk past every day but mondays are definitely the best day with all the vintage book stalls, jewellery, trinkets, crockery, block printing stamps of all types and the boxes to put them in (that are rich dark browns with bronze metal details ) which themselves can be altered. A small trinket box with tiny glass bottles inside, a vintage crochet round cloth, a (plastic I think) cameo pin which I already have plans for and a glass decorative ink well which looks like a small vase or bowl.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Day 5 !

I know this post wasn't actually on the fifth day of my challenge but I wanted to wait till I had done the craft fair and show the pictures from that day..So it was Saturday along Tottenham Court road (central London) in a church hall and it was really successful for the group as a whole I think, more customers and sellers too which is always fun, here are pics of my stall with my new cakes and birds, the cakes are in my Etsy shop now and I am putting the fabric birds on as soon as I have taken individual photos of them..

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Day 4 !

Another day has come and gone, more positive and I got some things done, lots to do tomorrow though, haven't even planned my trip for saturday yet either which I have to do first thing. And I also have to make two commissioned christmas cards and design a cd cover for my cousin who is in a band and they are recording their first album very soon so it has to be done asap ! busy busy busy but here are pics of what I have done today, a small mitten ornament as influenced from somerset life magazine and my birds finished two with removable pins to wear and some more cakes in progress..
see you tomorrow when I will have made more mittens, christmas cards and jewellery ...

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Day 3 !

Heeeeeellllllllllllooooooooooooooooo.. today was awful at work felt sick the night before knowing I was going in..but that's it, no more, I have decided that I have wallowed and moaned enough and I have to take a more proactive approach to getting things done and take my own advice for a change, (although I'm sure I will have another moan at some point)

Things to do ...

1. I am going to add to my blog on a regular basis and make it look more professional
2. I am going to write up a 'creative timetable' to keep me organised and motivated
3. I am going to send off submissions to magazines
4. I am going to do more to market my work
5. I am going to write a book (or two)
6. I am going to keep up with replies and comments on flickr and my blog and get more 'involved'
7. I am going to try and start an 'Artfest' UK event
8. I am going to try and teach classes
9. Make a success of my business so I can do it full time !
10. I am going to find my style
11. I will take better more magazine like pictures of my work
(12. ......and lose 3 stone !)

I have given myself loads of challenges so that I can at least accomplish a few in 2009, they are not really resolutions but a plan and I hope that you will all get on my back and hassle me because I have no will power sometimes and I need harassment !

There a happier more positive post and I am going to get on with making stuff I enjoy tomorrow rather than what I think other people will like.

As I like to put pictures on my blog posts but haven't any new ones today I will add these oldtime 'royalty free' dover book images that you can use, I am not sure how they will come out your end but have a go if it doesn't work very well I will try again next time..I have loads of these dover book I can't keep out of the place, they have a HUGE book for £120 which I am sorely tempted to buy on the history of the 'Circus' and it is packed with pictures I must get it for myself for Christmas !

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Day 2 !

Today has been crap ! I spent all day in my pyjamas which was good but I got practically nothing done, I had lots of ideas but didn't know what I felt like actually making so I read craft magazines and books all day as well as the odd dvd and it is now 10.15pm and I have nothing to show for it and the fair is on saturday. I have to go in to work tomorrow which is making me feel sick thinking about it but I have thursday and friday off. But I also sold three items over the last couple of days which is good. I think I have annoyed a customer though as I put the wrong email down for a paypal account on one of my sites and I spent the last two hours or more sending paypal and the customer messages about trying to reverse the payment, it turns out after I called paypal that I had another account with that email address after all which I don't remember opening so I didn't need to send any of those messages or hassle them at all, I bet they wont buy anything again after that, I'm such an idiot sometimes.
I have also realised a problem with they way I make things and what I create, I am too focused on what I think will sell and what people will buy when really I should just make what I like however long it takes and sell that, I am a bit too obsessed with creating a viable business asap rather than becoming a recognised crafter or artist and getting sales and interest through that..
Anyway here is the only thing that I have completed today, embroidery on one of the larger white velvet and silk birds...
Conan the Barbarian is on at the moment too , how rubbish is this film !

Monday, 1 December 2008

Day 1 !

Ok, first daily blog.. today I have been a little distracted which is annoying because I have a lot to do and can't seem to get it together even though I have been overflowing with ideas these past few days, I am still up at 11.18pm here writing this and watching Along came Polly ! love that film, I feel I'm a bit like her but mostly like Michelle Pfeiffer in Frankie and Johnny that is so me, like my art styles and methods I am a complete collage of totally different things myself and sometimes I am not sure who I really am as a person because there are so many different bits to me...sorry getting a bit deep there so here are some pics of what I have been doing today, making more birds in a vintage colour scheme and making a miniature dress as well as finishing the coloured birds. You can't really see but the natural birds are different textures and fabrics, linen, cotton, velvet etc and I am going to embellish them with ribbon, crystals and maybe some embroidery.